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A Stronger WANO, A Safer Industry

WANO Chairman Jacques Régaldo looks at WANO’s progress over the last two years
Jacques Régaldo, Chairman, WANO

Jacques Regaldo, WANO ChairmanThe Biennial General Meeting (BGM) is an opportunity for the membership to gather in one place, discuss its achievements in enhancing nuclear safety and outline what we expect to be our main challenges in the coming years.

"The road ahead is clear and straight but the slope is steep". These are words I said just over two years ago at the WANO BGM in Moscow, when we took stock of the challenges we had committed ourselves to achieving after Fukushima. Today, I am proud to announce that we have either implemented, or fully launched, all post-Fukushima measures, as detailed by WANO CEO Ken Ellis in this issue's Event Report.

WANO can never afford to be complacent; however, it is important to recognise the tremendous amount of work achieved within the regional centres and London Office. Those results are a direct consequence of the support of our members and their commitment to WANO. I would like to share a couple of examples.

I have participated in several peer review and corporate peer review exit meetings and witnessed significant improvement in their quality. Our review methods are more professional, teams use processes and criteria that have been defined at global level by the Executive Leadership Team, and overall proficiency has increased.

We have increased the number and the level of competencies in the regional centres and London Office. The London Office is fully able to play its role in overseeing and coordinating the implementation of programmes, and the regional centres are in a better position to face their various challenges and bring the best possible support to their members.

As an international organisation, we have to play a greater role in developing the new generation, and at the BGM we announced significant decisions to better involve young talents in our activities*.

We have also made progress in support we provide to new entrants in our industry and operators starting new reactors. The first WANO Pre-Startup Conference was held 14-17 July 2015 in Guangzhou, China, which focused on this initiative and enabled us to obtain feedback on the first four years of implementation.

Lastly, we have and are currently implementing our WANO Assessment process in a number of plants, and I consider this to be a challenging project for WANO in the coming years.

This brief overview of WANO achievements outlines significant progression over the last two years, but we have to be aware of the gaps that still remain and the challenges ahead of us. Our work is never done.


*For more information, visit the Young Generation page on the WANO website.