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WANO CEO, Ken Ellis, introduces WANO’s new long-term plan
Ken Ellis, Chief Executive Officer, WANO

WANO CEO, Ken EllisAs the 2015 Biennial General Meeting (BGM) approaches, WANO is at the pivotal stage of signing off on the majority of the 12 Post-Fukushima Commission (PFC) projects and fully integrating all of its existing programmes and projects into its new long-term plan, Compass. We are one WANO and, in this spirit, this long-term plan consolidates and aligns WANO's activities across the world.

Compass was published in May 2015 and will serve as WANO's strategic plan for the years 2015 to 2019. It has been written and designed in a very deliberate style, avoiding industry jargon and management speak, and using visuals, where possible, to convey the message clearly.

It was printed and distributed to all members of WANO staff and governors, who were also given access to a suite of supporting materials to help understand and communicate the impact of the plan upon their work, and that of the global WANO staff.

Compass consists of four focus areas, and every project launched by WANO should support at least one of these areas:

  1. Continue to support and set the standards of high performance of the world's existing nuclear fleet.

  2. Build and maintain a highly-trained, professional workforce in WANO.

  3. Forge a stronger WANO through more consistent, credible products and programmes, including providing nuclear leadership training for our members.

  4. Instil superior standards among new industry entrants and maintain them for plants approaching end-of-life, life extensions and decommissioning.

As part of our aim to make the work of WANO more visible to the members and public, we have made Compass as accessible as possible, publishing it on our public website as well as making it available on our member website and in all WANO internal and external publications.

Compass consists of four focus areasOn a different note, WANO's first Pre-Startup Conference took place in China in July and was a resounding success. For more information, please see the Event Report in this issue of Inside WANO.

The WANO 2015 BGM is taking place 4-7 October in Toronto, Canada. Having celebrated WANO's 25 Year Anniversary in 2014, finding ourselves at the stage of signing off on the majority of the Post-Fukushima Commission projects that were recommended in 2011, and looking forward under the theme of Shaping the Future of the Nuclear Industry, this year's BGM is set to be an event of significance on the calendar of WANO members. This conference, which occurs every two years, is also an opportunity for member CEOs to come together and reaffirm their commitment to a stronger WANO.

I look forward to seeing many of you there.