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The Right Direction

WANO Chairman Jacques Régaldo reviews the changes in WANO since his first Inside WANO editorial in 2013
Jacques Régaldo, Chairman, WANO

Jacques Régaldo, Chairman, WANO​It has been exactly two years since my first Inside WANO editorial as the WANO Chairman.

The past two years have seen huge progression for WANO, as we took great strides to accomplish each of the 12 projects born out of the Post-Fukushima Commission. Now, as we near the 2015 Biennial General Meeting (BGM) it is easy to see the changes that have occurred throughout WANO as a result.

This year’s BGM is taking place on 4-7 October in Toronto, Canada under the theme of Shaping the Future of the Nuclear Industry. This is an important event for WANO; registration is open and early sign-up is encouraged in order to avoid visa delays. WANO CEO, Ken Ellis, will be reporting on the completion of the 12 Post-Fukushima Commission projects and will be discussing WANO’s new long-term plan. Four panel sessions will take place over the course of the event, covering the subjects:

  • WANO’s role in new build

  • Regulator panel on current and future issues

  • Integrating young professionals into our industry

  • Future of existing units

In addition to these interesting panel sessions which will be chaired and regulated by carefully selected nuclear industry professionals, there will be inspiring keynote speakers, an impressive selection of post-BGM technical tours, and the invaluable opportunity to network with important nuclear industry professionals from across the globe. For further information or to register for the BGM, please visit the website.

Registration is also now open for the WANO Pre-Startup Conference which is taking place 14-17 July in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China. The aim of this conference is to address challenges that new operators face, such as human resource management, regulatory constraints, turnover practices and issues, safety culture, and knowledge transfer to new staff. For more information or to register, please visit the WANO member website.

“There have been a lot of changes and I truly believe that we are moving in the right direction – but there is plenty of work still to be done”.  I said these words in my very first Inside WANO editorial in June 2013, and today they still ring true. We can never become complacent in this industry and safety takes overriding priority above all else. For this reason, our journey to excellence will never be complete, but together we can continue to ensure we are always moving in the right direction. Together, we are WANO.