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WANO CEO Ken Ellis looks at WANO’s plan for 2015 and beyond
Ken Ellis, Chief Executive Officer, WANO

Ken Ellis, WANO CEOWelcome to the first 2015 issue of Inside WANO. It has now been a year since we moved this flagship publication to an online format – with an e-newsletter and website – and, as a result of making the content more easily accessible, we are delighted that our readership rates have seen a substantial rise. We hope that you continue to enjoy Inside WANO and share it with your colleagues so that they too may benefit from the content which reflects news from the global nuclear industry.

Preparation is well underway for the 2015 Biennial General Meeting (BGM), which will be taking place in in Toronto, Canada, under the theme of Shaping the Future of the Nuclear Industry. This is an important event for WANO – not only will we be reporting on the completion of all of the Post-Fukushima Commission projects which were agreed following the 2011 BGM in Shenzhen, China, but it is also an opportunity for senior nuclear utility executives and WANO representatives to come together and review our future aims and objectives. WANO has come a long way, yet there is always further to go and more to do.

We are in the stages of reviewing and approving WANO’s long-term plan. By the 2015 BGM we will be in a position to discuss our vision and our aims over the coming years. In the years since the accident at Fukushima Daiichi, every task that WANO has undertaken has been working towards the projects set out by the Post-Fukushima Commission. Similarly, in the coming years, every project that is launched will be feeding into the focus areas set out in our long-term plan.

Last year, we marked 25 years of WANO – an organisation that overcame geographical and political boundaries to unite every county and company in the world with an operating nuclear power plant. This year, we remind ourselves of what WANO is. WANO is not only the staff working in the WANO regional centres and offices, but is also the people who work in the organisations and nuclear power plants that together make up the World Association of Nuclear Operators.  Together, we will continue to collectively strive for the highest possible standards of nuclear safety and, while doing so, will recognise that the role of each and every individual within this membership is key to WANO’s continuing growth and strength.

We, all of us, are WANO.



WANO Post-Fukushima Project Areas


WANO Post-Fukushima Project Areas

(as reported in Inside WANO, Volume 20, Issue 1, 2012 )

Projects as of March 2015

1. Expand the scope of WANO activities to include emergency preparedness

Emergency Preparedness

​2. Expand the scope of WANO activities to include severe accident management

​Severe Accident Management

​3. Expand the scope of WANO activities to include onsite fuel storage

​Onsite Fuel Storage

​4. Expand the scope of WANO activities to include some aspects of design

Design Safety Fundamentals

​5. Conduct assessments of each WANO Regional Centre and London

​Regional Centre & London Office Internal Assessments

​6. Conduct a corporate peer review of every member utility within the next six years

​Corporate Peer Reviews

​7. Improve the quality of existing peer reviews

​Peer Review Equivalency

​8. Put in place a ‘real time’ event communication process

​Early Event Notification

​9. Improve WANO visibility and transparency

Visibility & Transparency

​10. Implement an integrated WANO emergency response plan

​Emergency Support Plan

​11. Increase the frequency of WANO peer reviews to once every four years

Peer Review Frequency

12. Establish a WANO assessment, or ‘grade’, following each peer review

​WANO Assessment