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Working at WANO: an Armenian viewpoint

Samvel Ghazaryan from Armenian Nuclear Power Plant talked to Pavel Choudhury about working in London, and life in the UK.
Pavel Choudhury, Digital Communications, WANO

My name is Samvel Ghazaryan and I am seconded from Armenian Nuclear Power Plant in Armenia. I have 28 years of experience in nuclear operations. My last position at the plant was Head of Operating Experience, and I have been working in the WANO London Office since January 2014. Before that I worked for WANO Moscow Centre as an adviser in the Operating Experience group for about 16 months. In the WANO London Office, I am an Operating Experience Programme Manager and I am responsible for screening of events from all the plants in the world for classification and the development of documents such as significant event reports, analysis reports, Just-In-Time documents and Hot Topics.

At my company I acted as a WANO interface officer and was therefore already familiar with WANO activities. My company management and colleagues from Moscow Centre recommended me to apply for this job.

WANO provides members at a worldwide level the opportunity to learn from each other. London Office staff have their own specific role in this process. I wanted to become a part of this team.

Before arriving in London I believed that most customs were not similar to those in Armenia. But after several months I came to the conclusion that there are no big differences. I have noticed that the society in London is well-organised.

London is an interesting multicultural city. The climate here is great. In my country the climate is continental: very hot summer with cold winters.

My family and I have adapted well to the new culture. My daughter is going to come and study in London. It will be a great chance for her. We often meet our friends, and it helps us to adapt to the new culture.

I haven't travelled that far from London yet. There are still a lot of museums, galleries, historical places and parks to visit. I particularly enjoy visiting the English countryside.

I have an interesting job and I like it very much. Working and living in London is a good opportunity and I believe I will never forget it.

My company is planning to extend the Armenian Nuclear Power Plant lifetime for another 10 years. I hope that my experience in London will be helpful for my company. I would also be happy to join WANO Moscow Centre again.

I would recommend working at WANO London Office, because it helps to obtain a global view of nuclear industry. You will become more experienced, you will better understand the weaknesses and strengths of nuclear operations, current potential trends in the nuclear industry and WANO efforts to improve nuclear safety and operational performance through active involvement of members in WANO programmes. The London Office has well defined roles and responsibilities and clear lines of accountability which makes the job interesting, effective and efficient.

To sum up my time at WANO in five words, I would say "contributing excellence in operational performance".