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Strengthening Station Performance

Twenty-seven countries were represented at this year’s WANO Site Vice Presidents’ & Plant Managers’ Conference
Katie Bailey, Editor, WANO

Delegates listen to a presentation at the SVP & PM ConferenceArgentina, Armenia, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Iran, Japan, Netherlands, Romania, Russian Federation, Slovak Republic, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and the United States of America…

Twenty-seven countries were represented at this year's Site Vice Presidents' & Plant Managers' Conference, co-hosted with VGB Powertech in Düsseldorf, Germany. The conference, which took place on 22 to 24 September, was opened by Erland Christensen, Executive Managing Director of VGB PowerTech, and Mikko Kosonen, Vice Chairman of the WANO Paris Centre Governing Board. They reminded the delegates that the World Association of Nuclear Operators is a membership; "WANO is us and we are WANO".

The theme of the conference was Strengthening Station Performance and, following a keynote speech by WANO Chairman Jacques Régaldo, WANO CEO Ken Ellis spoke on Nuclear Energy: A Global Perspective. He reiterated that the nuclear landscape is changing and that WANO must constantly adapt and grow with these changes, always ensuring that excellence in nuclear safety is the top priority. He spoke of the impact the accident at Fukushima Daiichi had on the global nuclear industry and the post-Fukushima projects that were established within WANO, to be fully implemented by the 2015 Biennial General Meeting.

Directly addressing senior leaders from over 80 WANO members across the world, Mr Ellis made the point that although safety does cost money and resources, an accident is profoundly more expensive: "As the people directly accountable for the day-to-day operations of your plants, safety begins with you. You need to fight for safety and reliability improvements. You must absolutely understand how your organisation identifies, evaluates and mitigates risk at all levels. Above all, you set the tone for your organisation".

Four panel sessions were held and covered the following topics:

  • Design and training improvement as a consequence of the Fukushima SOER recommendations

  • Experience using the new WANO Performance Objectives & Criteria

  • Management tools for improving plant performance

  • Use of WANO products to close gaps: how WANO can help stations to improve their performance

WANO Paris Centre Director Ignacio Araluce closed the conferenceDirector of the Operating Experience programme, Jo Byttebier, provided a summary of the self-assessments on WANO Significant Operating Experience Report, Post-Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Accident Lessons Learned, and a presentation on the new WANO Assessment process was given by David Crabtree, Director of the Peer Review programme, discussing the expectations of the membership and offering delegates the opportunity to ask questions.

Ignacio Araluce, Director of the WANO Paris Centre, closed the conference with an inspiring, energetic speech, reinforcing the idea that WANO is the membership and they control the strength of the organisation as a whole. WANO is, and always will be, as strong as its weakest member: "WANO is what you want it to be. You are WANO".





Panel Session Programme




Panel Members​

​Design and Training Improvement as a Consequence of the Fukushima SOER Recommendations

​Mr David Garchow (WANO Atlanta Centre Director)

​Mr James Welsch, Diablo Canyon, USA

Mr Jochen Kruip, KSG/GfS, Germany

Mr Aleksandr Shutikov, Rosenergoatom, Russia

Mr Xu Ligen, CNNC, China 

​Experience Using the New PO&Cs

​Mr Sergiy Vybornov (WANO Moscow Centre Deputy Director)

​Mr Andriy Lukyanenko, WANO Moscow Centre

Mr Scott Sharp, Prairie Island, USA

Mr Frédéric Maillard, Chooz, France

Mr Won-taek Kwon, KHNP, Korea 

​Management Tools for Improving Plant Performance

​Mr Reinhold Scheuring (Chairman of VGB's TC "NPP Operation" / Plant Manager Grafenrheinfeld NPP)

​Mr Paul Boucher, Bruce A, Canada

Mr Manel Campoy , Asco, Spain

Mr Gábor Volent, Paks, Hungary

Mr Chandra Deo Rajput, RAPS-3&4, India

​Use of WANO Products to close gaps: How WANO can help stations to improve their performance

​Dr Naoki Chigusa (WANO Tokyo Centre Director)

​Mr Francesco (Frank) Guglielmi , Point Lepreau, Canada

Mr Zheng Weiping, CGN, China

Mrs Malin von Post, Barseback; Sweden

Mr Aleksandr Shavlakov, Energoatom, Ukraine

Mr Hayato Takabatake, Takahama, Japan


Thank you to all of the panel members and moderators.

All conference materials are accessible to WANO members via the WANO member website.