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Communicate with WANO

Read about WANO's Communications programme and some exciting projects underway
Katie Bailey, Editor, WANO

WANO is on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & TwitterA huge focus for WANO, following the Fukushima disaster and WANO self-assessments, is the importance and power of communication.

Fulfilling WANO's mission of sharing and exchanging information and best practices to maximise the safety and reliability of nuclear power plants, requires constant and effective means of communication throughout the industry. WANO recognises its responsibility to members and is currently driving forward a comprehensive communications strategy to fulfil this requirement, engaging with members to deliver information efficiently.

A particularly significant development within the organisation over recent months is that, as of September 2013, Communications became a recognised WANO programme with a dedicated Programme Director. Communications Manager, Claire Newell, was promoted into this role, which is currently being covered by Steve Cannon, during her maternity leave. Steve has been seconded from Bruce Power and worked in the WANO London Communications team from 2010 to 2011. We are delighted to welcome him back.

Our dedicated team of communications specialists in the regional centres and London office have developed and driven forward some exciting projects this year.

In early 2013, WANO implemented its social media strategy, launching Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Flickr accounts which have seen a great increase in followers over the last year.

Following the good practice of the Moscow and Tokyo Centres, who send out regular regional centre newsletters, we rolled out a quarterly e-newsletter in July 2013, WANO London News, and have been inspired to see our readership steadily grow with each issue.

In a world where computer and mobile technology is prominent, the move from a printed copy of Inside WANO to an electronic format is an important one. Our focus is to deliver interesting and significant news in a format which is quick and easy to obtain. We aim to reach people at all levels within the industry, in every From 2014, Inside WANO will be sent in an electronic formatcorner of every nuclear utility, and having the ability to monitor what is being read means we can ensure we're sending out the most relevant content with every issue.

To coincide with the marking of 25 years of WANO, we will be rolling out a brand new public website, and an Inside WANO website. We are excited by developments currently underway and look forward to launching both sites publicly in May.

We hope you enjoy this issue of Inside WANO and the new format. Should you wish to contact us with any queries, comments or suggestions for future issues, please contact us.