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Smooth Cooperation with WANO Members

The role of WANO interface officers in the Paris Centre
Tellervo Taipale, QA and Communications Manager, WANO Paris Centre

There are presentations, discussions and friendly debates during the meetings (Photo: Silke Klassen)A WANO interface officer (WIO) is a nominated person who is the dedicated contact between WANO and its members; and the WANO Paris Centre (PC) has strong cooperation with its 25 WIOs who represent 44 members.

WANO PC supports each of its members to continuously improve the safe and reliable performance of its nuclear power plants. PC also works together with all the WANO regional centres in order to increase the effectiveness of WANO worldwide.

The WIO is the first contact point for WANO information to be delivered to the members. As the cooperation is strong and mutual, this way of working is very effective.

The WIOs play a key role in the strategic goals of PC. Their contribution is crucial when collecting and evaluating the needs of the members. The WIOs do an excellent job of finding the right WANO experts to support their stations and vice versa; finding the most suitable people for a three/four-year secondment, to attend peer reviews as industry reviewers, technical support missions as experts, or to attend seminars and workshops.

We are all WANO, the whole nuclear community, and the WIOs are considered almost staff members. They contribute to the preparation of the regional governing board meetings and share their outcomes. All of this is based on the changes following Fukushima, combined with the growth of WANO itself.

Annual WIO Meetings

The three annual WIO meetings are organised before the respective governing board meetings, in order to link these top-level meetings together. Typically, the WIO meetings last three days; one for workshop-style sessions and two for individual meetings.

During this time, the WIOs meet the staff members from their own organisations, the programme managers, and those with whom they have close cooperation. 

The WIOs as guests at the WANO London Office (Photo: Silke Klassen)In the WIO closed session, which is for the WIOs only, they exchange experiences related to their day-to-day WANO work and discuss ongoing events, as well as any developments. Several suggestions for further improvement have been implemented based on these sessions.

WANO PC is changing its way of working with the members and is planning to implement the 'member interaction cycle' which includes member performance review, member interaction plan, member meeting, and mid-cycle performance review. The WIOs are currently working on this together with the Member Interaction Group, which is part of the Member department.