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WANO: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

WANO Moscow Centre Celebrates 25 Years of WANO
Tatyana Chudakov, Communications Manager, WANO Moscow Centre

WANO Moscow Centre Celebrates 25 Years of WANOWANO Moscow Centre marked 25 years of WANO with a celebration ceremony at the local “House of Scientists” in Obninsk, Russia, from 24 to 26 June 2014. This event coincided with the celebration of 25 years of the Nuclear Society of Russia, and the 60 year anniversary of the nuclear power industry in Russia – 60 years since Russia’s first nuclear power plant produced steam to its turbine for the first time.

The session on 24 June was held in the WANO Moscow Centre (MC) and brought together young nuclear professionals from WANO MC member organisations.

Mikhail Chudakov, WANO Moscow Centre Director, opened the meeting, called WANO: yesterday, today and tomorrow, on 25 June at the “House of Scientists”. Vladimir Bronnikov, President of the Ukrainian Nuclear Society made a welcome speech which was followed by an opening address from Jacques Regaldo, WANO Chairman. There were then presentations by various individuals within the nuclear industry and WANO MC membership.

After the meeting, there was a tour of Obninsk nuclear power plant, the first commercial nuclear power plant in the world, which was commissioned on the 26 June 1954 to operate for a period of almost 48 years, adding 18 years to its design lifespan.

The following day, on 26 June, a meeting entitled NPP: yesterday, today and tomorrow was opened in the Grand Hall of the “House of Scientists”. Mr Regaldo took part along with CEOs of WANO MC member companies.

On the same day, Mr Regaldo and WANO Managing Director Ken Ellis participated in a meeting on the youth movement initiative, WANO Young Generation, in the WANO CEO Ken Ellis & WANO Chairman Jacques Régaldo sign register of first commercial NPP in the world, Obninsk NPP Governor’s Hall.

Anatoly Kirichenko, First Deputy Director of WANO MC, made a welcome speech which was followed by a presentation on the existing youth organisations, departments and movements. Attendee, Mr Fedorov, also shared information on how the youth initiative could be incorporated in WANO activities.

Nuclear Society of Russia’s Executive Vice President Sergey Kushnarev, Mr Ellis and Mr Regaldo extended their congratulations to the young attendees on the initiative undertaken; and WANO MC Advisor Andrey Lachkov presented a draft of the WANO Youth Concept and WANO Young Nuclear Professional Policy for the WANO Young Generation movement.

We thank all those who have assisted WANO in its undertakings over the last 25 years for their dedication to WANO mission and unwavering commitment to nuclear safety.