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Introducing the new WANO President

WANO’s incoming President, Dr Seok Cho, closed the 2015 WANO BGM
Dr Seok Cho, President & CEO, Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Company

Dr Seok Cho, President & CEO, KHNPIt is a tremendous privilege to be elected as the new WANO President. I am truly honoured to be delegated the important responsibility and given a valuable opportunity to contribute to the safety of the world nuclear power industry.

The current landscape of the nuclear power industry is changing. There are challenges that we must confront, such as the ageing of nuclear facilities, long-term operation, cultivation of capable manpower resulting from the generation shift of plant operators, and eventual decommissioning. For countries pursuing new nuclear builds, WANO should take the lead in creating a system in which the experiences of existing operators are instilled. Compass has been established as WANO's long-term plan; it is essential that WANO strengthens its functional areas and capabilities in order to efficiently carry out the contents of Compass.

International cooperation is important to reinforce nuclear safety, as well as cooperation on a regional level.

I believe that the time has come for WANO to start discussions on measures for cooperation on an international level with regard to the safe management of radioactive wastes, including spent nuclear fuel. We must closely collaborate to come to a suitable solution within the framework of international cooperation.

Lastly, the issue of greatest interest in the world energy industry of the 21st century is the reduction of greenhouse gases. In order to secure low carbon energy sources, I believe we must pursue shared growth with renewable energy.

As President, I will conduct my duties so as to not only cater to the current member companies, but to also satisfy the needs of potential new members; I know I can continue to reply on the support of WANO members worldwide.

It is my great pleasure to invite you all to the next WANO BGM in October 2017, which will be hosted by KHNP and the Tokyo Centre in Gyeongju, Korea. I look forward to greeting you there in two years' time.