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A New WANO Member

MVM Group in Hungary is one of WANO’s newest members
János Tóth, Nuclear Safety Cabinet Chief of MVM Hungarian Electricity Ltd

MVM Hungarian Electricity Private Limited Company is one of the newest members of WANO Moscow Centre. János Tóth, Nuclear Safety Cabinet Chief of MVM Hungarian Electricity Ltd

The relationship between Paks nuclear power plant and mother company MVM is unique. Even though state-owned MVM represents the owner and used to be the licensee until 2002, Paks had been rather independent of MVM in the nuclear safety improvements and technical matters from its commissioning period in the mid-1980s until 2007. Today, Paks is operating four VVER 440 reactor units with a total electrical capacity of 2,000MW.

Paks has been the nuclear licence holder bearing full responsibility for nuclear safety from 2002, with a fully guaranteed budget for covering operations and maintenance, and investment costs. With Paks being the only nuclear power plant in the asset of MVM, moreover, the only nuclear power plant in the whole country, all nuclear functions were initially established onsite within the organisation of Paks. Due to these arrangements, Paks has been a Category 1 WANO member since its inauguration in 1989.

MVM joins WANO – János Tóth and Ladislav ŠtěpánekFollowing a Corporate Peer Review in November 2014, MVM decided to join WANO as a Category 3 member in order to benefit from access to information and services provided by WANO membership.

In addition, Hungary is proceeding with the construction of new nuclear units and the possible acquisition of other nuclear assets.  As the size of the MVM nuclear organisation increases, the need for an active involvement of MVM in WANO activities becomes more important, and WANO is delighted to welcome MVM as a member of the Association.