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Exploring the strong safety culture at Hongyanhe nuclear power plant

High standards of nuclear safety have been applied at the Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Plant (HNPP) from the very beginning
Mr. ZHENG Weiping, Deputy General Manager, Liaoning Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Co. Ltd.

Full scope simulator of Hongyanhe Nuclear Power PlantHigh standards of nuclear safety have been applied at the Hongyanhe nuclear power plant (HNPP) from the very beginning, which are deeply rooted in the minds and daily human behaviours of all employees.

As HNPP’s Unit 1 started commercial operation in June 2013, it also opened a new line of energy for the local community and industry; an historic moment for the nuclear industry in China and the local economy.

Training in the full-scope simulator

Training in the plant’s full-scope simulator covers expected operating events, design-basis and beyond-design-basis accidents, as well as normal operating conditions. Refresh training is conducted on a yearly basis for reactor operators, reinforcing skills and competencies to deal with various abnormal conditions.
In 2012, over 2,500 training sessions (40,000 working hours) were organised at HNPP. In addition to specific safety culture training, the importance of safety culture has been fostered in operation, maintenance and technical support training. Human error reduction training has included practical sessions like field-coach and walk-downs, and theoretical training.
Simulator-2 of the Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Plant

National and international cooperation

HNPP is a subsidiary of China General Nuclear Power Corporation (CGN) and has established an effective feedback system to share experience with other new built NPPs of CGN.

Last year, WANO Paris Centre (PC) carried out a crew performance observation (CPO) and significant operation experience report (SOER) implementation status review for units 1 and 2 of HNPP. The WANO SOER review is one of the most crucial means to safeguard nuclear safety and an effective way to improve the plant experience feedback system.

With support from CGN and with reference to the established experience in Daya Bay NPP, HNPP has built a standardised and professional management mode. Through experience replication, the management team works in an effective and efficient way.

Cooperation with international organisations such as WANO, IAEA and INPO, HNPP has grown fast in recent years. For instance since 2010, WANO PC has conducted 12 technical support missions (TSM) in HNPP focusing on topics such as maintenance management and quality assurance. Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Plant

In 2011, HNPP and Civaux NPP of EDF signed an “Agreement of Sister Plants”. The two plants held annual exchange visits on subjects of interest to both sides. It has become an important channel for the engineers of both plants to learn and progress in an open and frank setting.

Coping with extreme climate conditions

HNPP is located in the northeast of China, in the highest latitude area with the lowest average air temperature in winter (-15℃).

HNPP have visited power plants in the same province, sharing valuable ideas to cope with these weather conditions. WANO TSMs on unit operations in extremely low temperature conditions and plant outage strategy in winter, have also provided plenty of suggestions for plant improvements.