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From Corporate Function to Nuclear Fleet

The lessons learned from a WANO Corporate Peer Review at Taiwan Power Company
Philip Lai, Strategy Planner, Department of Nuclear Generation, Taiwan Power Company

Corporate Peer Review TeamA WANO Corporate Peer Review was conducted at Taiwan Power Company (TPC) in August 2014 with 14 team members, including three host peers and a team coordinator. WANO 2013-1, Performance Objectives and Criteria, was adopted as the basis of such a performance-based evaluation, which helped ensure corporate functions in governance, oversight, support, and performance (GOSP).

The corporate peer review was initiated from a team leader pre-visit and site visits to three operating plants. An introduction to WANO corporate peer review and its practices during the review period was presented to corporate leaders, plant management, host peers and supporting coordinators. Interviews were also conducted with plant senior leaders and managers whose responsibilities were associated with the corporate GOSP functions. The pre-visit proved this WANO mission to be successful through mutual understanding in the definition of GOSP and their implementation between corporate function and the nuclear fleet.

Areas for improvement were issued after a period of intense review, including 14 days of day-and-night engagements which saw activities such as:

- team building to recognise focus areas under each performance objective
- the conduct of review activities onsite
- corporate team meetings for issues and consensus

As per the learning objective, three host peers devoted themselves as team members not only to explain host practices but also to participate in review processes with all team members who were assigned from the global nuclear industry. During the corporate peer review, corporate and plant leaders learned different terminology typically used by the best performing plants in corporate GOSP functions, practices and performance gaps. This valuable review mission was beneficial to endorse what TPC has previously emphasised about nuclear safety always being the overriding priority.

Immediately after the summary meeting, TPC executives examined the performance gaps that led to identification of causes, and the action plan. This level of accountability at leadership level will guarantee the behaviours and environment of nuclear safety culture are being secured in TPC.