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Preparing for Start-Up

Pre-startup review at Fangchenggang Unit 1, China
Joël Goubeaux, Pre-Startup Review Team Leader

Fangchenggang nuclear power plantWANO Paris Centre conducted a pre-startup peer review (PSUR) at Unit 1 of Fangchenggang nuclear power plant last March. This review was about the preparation before the initial fuel loading of the unit. The production key areas, the nuclear safety culture and implementation of WANO recommendations were reviewed.

There were, in total, 23 peers from 10 countries (Argentina, Belgium, China, France, Germany, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, UK and USA) who represented WANO Paris and Atlanta Centres, and London and Hong Kong Offices, on this mission. 

The PSUR was given high priority by the company and leaders at all levels; all the staff actively participated in it. The company’s general manager, the vice-general manager and the general manager assistant all took part in the review’s daily meetings and expert interviews. Dozens of counterparts including the department managers and plant technical experts attended the entire process.

“During the PSUR, staff at all levels had an opportunity for an in-depth exchange of views with the international nuclear experts”, tells Gong Guanchen, CNO & Site Manager of Fangchenggang. “It helped us to learn more about plant states in different areas; to improve the weaknesses, to broaden the international horizon of the staff, to strengthen the nuclear safety consciousness and to continually improve the company’s performance”.

The plant is located in Guangxi Province, in the South-West of ChinaThe review team had to check how the station had been moving from a construction mind-set to an operational one; therefore, the objectives were to review plans and the actions implemented by the station to prepare their staff and organisation to operate Unit 1 in a safe and reliable manner. Additionally, the effectiveness of the operating organisation to learn from the start-up phase and the readiness for operating the new plant from the first core loading onwards were reviewed.

Various review aspects

During the WANO PSUR, functional and cross-functional areas are reviewed from WANO Performance Objectives & Criteria, which include organisation, operation, maintenance, engineering, radiological protection, operating experience, chemistry, training, fire protection and emergency preparedness. The implementation of almost 120 WANO recommendations from significant operating experience reports (SOER) was also reviewed.


The WANO Pre-Startup Conference will take place in Guangzhou, China 14-17 July 2015. At this conference, Fangchenggang NPP will be represented by Gong Guanchen, CNO & Site Manager.