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Corporate Peer Reviews supported by George Manaskie

Lively cooperation in between WANO Atlanta and Paris Centres
Tellervo Taipale, QA and Communications Manager, WANO Paris Centre

George Manaskie in his office. WANO Paris Centre has a new annex office in La DéfenseGeorge Manaskie has returned to WANO Atlanta Centre after an 18-month secondment to WANO Paris Centre, where he worked in the Member Relations department as Corporate Peer Review Manager.

Upon arriving at the WANO Paris Centre in June 2013, George was pleased to find two very experienced managers in place; Cyrille Bihoreau, Corporate Review Manager, and Jean-Paul Joly, Director of Member Relations Department; who had great ideas and a strong passion to set up a Corporate Peer Review (CPR) programme together with George. The team made rapid progress and improvements on the seven CPRs in which they participated.

Different regional centres, different CPRs?
Although there are some differences between the CPRs run by Paris Centre and those run by Atlanta Centre, George believes “All regional centres have made changes for the better, and through benchmarking and CPR seminars that included people from all WANO regions, the improvements have been evident”. 

“In Paris, we tried to balance the CPR teams with an almost equal number of industry peers and WANO staff. Atlanta Centre is moving in this direction by increasing the number of industry peers on each CPR”.

George adds, “The idea was to put a strong sustainable CPR programme in place to meet the target for every Paris Centre member to have a CPR by the end of 2017”.

Cultural differences
It was not a surprise for George, that there are cultural differences in the WANO regions, but he adds “We speak a common language and share common values when it comes to our nuclear profession”. 

George Manaskie says that he would recommend his colleagues take advantage of an opportunity to work for another WANO regional centre: “We all learn from each other and while we can do this in many short interfaces throughout the year, you can really understand each other better and have a greater effect on each other’s thinking by being there for a couple of years”.

During his time in Paris, George actively took French lessons, an effort which was appreciated by his Paris Centre colleagues: “It would have been very difficult to live happily in France without speaking French. I knew I had been successful with my studies when the owner of the bakery across from my apartment could finally understand my requests!”

Director of WANO Paris Centre, Ignacio Araluce said during his farewell speech: “George, it was an honor and a pleasure to have you here in Paris”. All Paris Centre colleagues agree.



George from Georgia
After returning to Atlanta in January 2015, George Manaskie became Manager of WANO Atlanta Centre programmes. 

Before working in Paris Centre, George was the Deputy Director, Corporate Evaluations at INPO, a position he assumed in August 2010. George joined INPO in 2009 as a team leader for plant evaluations. Before joining INPO, he worked for Florida Power and Light at the Turkey Point Nuclear Plant where he earned a senior reactor operator certification in 2008. 

Until 2006, George served in a number of leadership positions in the US Navy, including commander of a submarine squadron and commander of a nuclear submarine.