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Guiding Nuclear Safety Culture in China

Mr Liu Zhiyong has been a leader in nuclear safety for almost three decades. Inside WANO takes a look at his career so far.
Wu Yaozheng, engineer, RINPO (Research Institute of Nuclear Power Operations (China))

Mr Liu Zhiyong, Deputy General Manager of China National Nuclear OperationsLiu Zhiyong, Deputy General Manager of China National Nuclear Operations, has been working in the nuclear power industry for almost 30 years. Formerly a member of the Fifth State Work Safety Experts Committee, a member of the Nuclear Safety and Environment Experts Committee, and a member of China Nuclear Energy Association Experts Committee, he has made an outstanding contribution to nuclear safety culture throughout his career.

Mr Liu attained his bachelor's degree in Nuclear Physics at Lanzhou University in 1986. After graduating, he started working at Qinshan Phase I, the first nuclear power plant in China. Mr Liu's devotion to performance improvement of radiation protection over 13 years meant that Qinshan Phase I continued to improve against the performance indicators. In 1998, Liu transferred to the CANDU units in the Third Qinshan Nuclear Power Company (TQNPC), Qinshan Phase III, working in the areas of radiation protection, emergency preparedness and nuclear safety. Again, performance indicators of TQNPC improved and safety performance was highlighted within the domestic nuclear industry.

In 2006, Mr Liu became Nuclear Branch Head at China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC), focusing on improving nuclear safety management for all CNNC units. He encouraged the use of human performance tools, cultivation of nuclear safety culture, and emergency preparedness management. 

Since 2010, Mr Liu has been the Deputy General Manager of China National Nuclear Operations, which reformed by Qinshan phase I, II and III. He is involved in nuclear safety management across all the Qinshan sites, including emergency preparedness, radiation protection, quality assurance, operation experience feedback, human performance and nuclear safety culture management.

Mr Liu served as the leader of the nuclear safety culture assessment team for several times in China. With an emphasis on nuclear safety culture, he led the innovation of nuclear safety culture and developed 10 principles, setting the baseline for future improvement of nuclear safety culture in China.

Mr Liu also arranged the introduction of nuclear safety culture assessment criteria, as well as commissioning several nuclear safety works such as The Industrial Safety Manual of Nuclear Power Plant, The Human Error Management Manual of Nuclear Power Plant, and laying the foundations of nuclear safety culture for CNNC and China National Nuclear Power (CNNP).