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Working Abroad with WANO to Make a Difference

Ed Resnick stays at WANO Tokyo Centre permanently following his secondment
Caitlin Murphy, Communications Specialist, INPO

Ed Resnick, Chief General Manager for Peer Reviews, WANO Tokyo CentreEd Resnick has spent more than 30 years helping the nuclear power industry seek excellence. After returning from a secondment at WANO Tokyo Centre (TC) and retiring from WANO Atlanta Centre (AC) in April of this year, he decided to continue working and is now serving as the Manager of Peer Reviews and Manager of Training and Accreditation as a fulltime employee at TC.

This journey began in 2012 when Ed volunteered to take part in the WANO self-assessments which were taking place as part of the Post-Fukushima Commission recommendations. As a member of the team, he gained a holistic understanding of WANO, particularly TC. Following the assessments, Ed was asked to go on an 18-month assignment to TC assisting with improvements in peer review; an opportunity he found very rewarding both personally and professionally.

Dr Naoki Chigusa, Director of TC, shared "One of Ed's major achievements was that he established the qualification process for the peer review team leader by providing systematic evaluation methods that are employed at the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations (INPO)." He also introduced TC to the corporate peer review method and supported mentoring for less experienced staff, "Thanks to him, reviewer quality dramatically improved not only in English, but also in analysis and evaluation."

Ed's career began in Asia as a start-up engineer for General Electric in Taiwan, where he also met his wife. These ties were part of what drew him back for his secondment to TC.

Prior to his secondment, Ed served in various roles at INPO where he completed approximately 100 evaluations and peer reviews. He then worked for AC as the representative for Ontario Power Generation (OPG) where, after several years, he almost felt like an OPG employee.

"Ed was Darlington's WANO senior representative at a time when we were working hard to change our behaviours in order to significantly improve performance," says Brian Duncan, Senior Vice President at Darlington. "His knowledge of the industry and of how other organisations made a similar transformation helped us as we developed improvement plans and goals."

Ed's TC secondment was ending in December 2014 amidst widespread change. The centre was taking action in response to the self-assessment recommendations, Dr Chigusa became the new Director of TC, and many changes were occurring for WANO in general. For these reasons, Ed's departure was mixed with feelings of uncertainty and a desire to stay.

"Ed was pleased to accept my proposal to work at Tokyo Centre as Chief General Manager for Peer Reviews," says Dr Chigusa. "He is a good friend that all of us go to for advice. We are very happy to work with him at Tokyo Centre."