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Entering the Digital Age

KHNP prepares for startup of Shin-Kori units 3 & 4
Mr Ki-young Suk, Plant Manager, Shin-Kori Units 3 & 4

IntroductionMr Ki-young Suk, Plant Manager, Shin-Kori Units 3 & 4

Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Company (KHNP) has 28 domestic nuclear units, including 23 operating units and five units under construction at four sites (Kori, Hanbit, Hanul and Wolsong). Shin-Kori units 3 and 4, the latest additions to the Kori site, will be completed and commissioned as the nation's first 1400MW nuclear power plants.

APR1400 Design Features

Advanced Power Reactor 1400MW (APR-1400) is an advanced pressurised water reactor which was designed and first introduced in Korea. One of the great features of APR1400 is that the man machine interface system (MMIS) is largely based on fully digitalised workstations. The system has two different platforms – the common qualified platform for safety functions and Ovation™ for non-safety functions.

The innovative design of the MMIS improves security and communication of operation information. Operators monitor and control the plant using a large display panel and operator consoles.

Furthermore, the computerised procedure system (CPS) shows current information including operating procedures, control methods and plant information all on one computer screen, reducing human error traps.

Post-Fukushima Follow-Up Action

After the Fukushima accident, the Korean government and overseas organisations performed safety inspections of Korean domestic nuclear plants, identifying corrective and recommended actions. We continue to put great effort into the commissioning and verifying tests for these actions, and engineers at Shin-Kori units 3 and 4 aim to complete all actions by 2015.

WANO Peer Review

In October 2012 Shin-Kori 3 hosted a WANO Pre-Startup Peer Review (PSUR) providing assessment of KHNP prepares for startup of Shin-Kori units 3 & 4six areas (Organisation and Administration, Operations, Maintenance, Engineering Support, Operating Experience, and Training and Qualification). In order to achieve the highest levels of nuclear safety and reliability, Shin-Kori 4 is scheduled to host a PSUR in 2015 and Shin-Kori 3 and 4 will host a WANO Peer Review in 2016.

My Impressions & Lessons Learned

From 2010 to 2014 I was Commissioning Director at Shin-Kori units 3 and 4 and then received a promotion to Plant Manager.

Today, Shin-Kori units 3 and 4 are moving forward from commissioning to operation. Looking ahead as Plant Manager, we will focus on the stability of the first of a kind areas (digital control equipment, CPS etc.) and strive to make Shin-Kori 3 and 4 the best performing units in the KHNP fleet.