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WANO Principles 

  1. WANO’s overriding priority is the assurance of nuclear safety and excellence in operational performance.

  2. Membership in WANO is voluntary and carries with it special commitments and obligations. It is in the best interest of each member, and of the industry, that all nuclear power operators worldwide are WANO members.

  3. The principal owners of WANO are the chief executives of the member organisations and they are responsible for contributing to the success of WANO programmes. WANO is an effective means for members to improve the operational excellence of their own stations and support nuclear safety among all members.

  4. At the core of WANO membership is the commitment by each member to strive for the highest standards of safety and reliability. This is achieved through the members’ mutual adherence to the fundamental values of leadership, integrity, transparency, trust, relationships and accountability on an individual and a worldwide level.

  5. Since performance of each member will affect all others, WANO members commit to one another to take timely action to correct significant performance issues and provide the necessary resources to support the WANO mission.

  6. WANO is an organisation with a single mission applying global strategies and policies. It is organised regionally to allow effective implementation of WANO programmes and the requirements of regional diversity.

  7. WANO membership is at a worldwide level. Upon joining, each member is required to affiliate with at least one regional centre.

  8. The standards for WANO programmes and activities, including fair principles for resources and fees, are established at the global level.

  9. The WANO organisational structure ensures well-defined roles and responsibilities and clear lines of accountability. Centralised activities provide oversight and support to ensure the standards are met in each of the regions.

  10. WANO is accountable only to the members and is independent of undue influence from any single member. WANO is independent of governmental or regulatory influence, but coordinates its work closely with other organisations that promote the safety of nuclear power plants.

  11. To ensure effective communication throughout WANO, a common working language is essential. The chosen working language of WANO is English.

  12. To permit free and open exchange of information among the members, plant-specific information is controlled under the WANO confidentiality policy.​