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2005 WANO President’s Message


​I am committed to ensure that WANO continues to make a difference in nuclear safety worldwide, and that every plant in every country throughout the world continues to get better.

Nuclear power is an essential part of world's energy supply. It is enjoying a well-deserved renaissance, based on a sustained record of safe, reliable, economic operation, with a stable fuel supply and emission-free production. To support that renaissance, our industry must continue its focus on the fundamentals – safely producing reliable, low-cost power.

I will emphasise three key principles throughout my term:

We need to focus on standards and fundamentals in operational decision-making. As nuclear leaders, we must clearly establish and communicate our expectations, and rigorously enforce accountability for them. If we set high standards, and tolerate nothing less, then we will build a culture that ensures safe operations. When nuclear plants are consistently operated to the right fundamental processes in each functional area, when workers understand and adhere to those principles, and when management visibly supports them – the plants will be safe, reliable and economical. WANO can help each of its members build that culture.

We need to focus on results. I am a firm believer in setting specific performance goals. I am satisfied with nothing less than world-class nuclear safety & reliability. I believe in defining milestones and targets, and expecting to achieve them. First class professional operations and thoroughly trained staff will result in improved nuclear safety and reliability. By relying on the WANO principles of sharing operating experience and lessons learned, I believe we can transfer best practices from operators with sustainable excellence and drive worldwide nuclear plant performance even higher.

We need to be open to ongoing independent feedback. No matter how big or how prosperous a nuclear organisation gets, becoming isolated from industry developments is a mistake. We must actively solicit feedback from those willing to be candid with us. The single biggest benefit of WANO membership is the chance to benefit from rigorous peer reviews. Each of us can always learn something. We have a tremendous advantage that no other industry has. Methods for us to share experience and lessons are already established. Effective mechanisms for independent feedback are already in place. We must continue to take advantage of them.

The worldwide nuclear power industry faces great opportunities and challenges. New plants are being built, and the useful lives of existing plants are being extended. A new generation of reactor technology is being developed, and a new generation of the nuclear workforce is assuming leadership positions. Energy security and environmental stewardship are driving energy supply decisions. WANO members can act together to confront the challenges and reap the opportunities through continued sharing, communication, and mutual support.