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A Message from WANO President He Yu


As WANO President, I will make unsparing efforts to fulfil the WANO mission and support its activities.

Specifically, I will work hard to ensure a closer exchange of information and interactions among WANO members in the interests of promoting – to the greatest possible extent – the safety and reliability of nuclear power plants all over the world. 

At this point in time, a low-carbon economy has become the strategic choice for countries that are seeking to achieve sustainable development. This has ushered in an historic opportunity for the development of nuclear power and other clean energies.

In my own country, the Chinese Government has laid down a policy of 'seeking active development of nuclear power.' At the China Guangdong Nuclear Power Holding Co., Ltd. (CGNPC), this forms the basis for us to define middle- and long-term programmes to promote large-scale development of nuclear and other clean energies.

By grasping such a unique opportunity, CGNPC has advanced from strength to strength over the years to become a leading clean energy goup with the greatest number of nuclear generating units currently under construction in the world. 

CGNPC hopes to strengthen communications and cooperation with all WANO members in the areas of peer reviews, operating experience feedback, technical support services and personnel training. In doing so, we hope to upgrade plant management levels, improve human performance and achieve optimal plant operational performance.

He Yu is Chairman of the Board of the China Guangdong Nuclear Power Holding Co., Ltd. (CGNPC)