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WANO presents at OECD's NEA forum



WANO Chairman Mr Laurent Stricker presented to officials from 33 nations last Wednesday 8 June to emphasise the need for a strong WANO undertaking separate but complementary safety work to that of national regulators as the best means for driving continuous improvement across the world's fleet of nuclear reactors.

Speaking at the Fukushima Accident: Insights and Approaches forum in Paris, organised by OECD'sNuclear Energy Agency (NEA), Mr Stricker announced WANO was committed to strengthening its programmes, including peer reviews, to enhance international industry information exchange through the association into the future.

"The events in Japan will provide many important lessons for the commercial nuclear industry. WANO is committed to aggressively applying these important lessons to strengthen its nuclear safety mission," Mr Stricker said.

In a press release issued following the forum, the NEA welcomed WANO's commitment to enhancing its member support and programmes.

An internal commission appointed by the WANO Governing Board is currently reviewing WANO's programmes and structure to make recommendations on how the association can effectively implement lessons arising from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident. The commission's review work will be completed later this year.

The conclusions and recommendations from the NEA forum will be published on the NEA website