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KHNP CEO and experts to visit Japan to support TEPCO


Mr. Jong-shin Kim, CEO of KHNP (Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power Company) and chairman of WANO Tokyo Centre, will visit Tokyo to discuss providing support to TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Company).  Mr. Kim will be accompanied by two KHNP experts who have expertise in severe accident management and radiation protection, respectively. The KHNP experts will stay at WANO (World Association of Nuclear Operators) Tokyo Centre to collect information and share expertise with other nuclear experts working toward the restoration of the accident. They will be joining experts from the United States who are also providing assistance through the WANO Tokyo Centre.

Mr. Kim's schedule includes meeting key persons involved with the Fukushima Daiichi accident in TEPCO and other Japanese nuclear industry officials including top executives of TEPCO, the President and CEO of JANTI (Japan Nuclear Technology Institute), and the Tokyo Centre director of WANO.

Soon after the earthquake and tsunami occurred, Mr. Kim sent a letter to Mr. Masataka Shimizu, CEO of TEPCO, to offer WANO's full support to TEPCO for the restoration activities. Since the accident, Mr. Kim has been in continuous communication with the WANO chairman, Mr. Laurent Stricker, WANO governors, and all members of the WANO Tokyo Centre in order to solicit and organize support for TEPCO.

WANO was established in 1989 after the Chernobyl accident in order to maximize the safety and reliability of nuclear power plants worldwide by working together with all members to assess benchmarks and improve performance through mutual support, exchange of information, and safety reviews. Nuclear operators throughout the world are encouraged to be affiliated with one of the four regional centres of WANO. The centres are located in the USA, France, Russia, and Japan. All nuclear operators in Asia, including Japan, China, India, Pakistan, Taiwan, UAE, and Korea, are affiliated with WANO Tokyo Centre.

During the visit, Mr. Kim will also meet with Mr. Takao Fujie, President and CEO of JANTI, to share insights and ideas to support TEPCO and enhance cooperation between Korea and Japan in the nuclear industry.  KHNP currently has 21 reactors in operation and 7 units under construction.   KHNP has been a recognized world leader in terms of safety and capability in nuclear power operation for years.

JANTI was established on March 15, 2005 in order to maximize the safety and reliability of the nuclear industry in Japan by providing safety reviews and through sharing information or mutual concerns. As of now, approximately one hundred twenty Japanese nuclear operators and nuclear industry manufacturers belong to JANTI.

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