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Nuclear executives meet in London with WANO leaders


Over the past two weeks, nuclear utility CEOs and senior executives met with WANO leaders for high-level meetings in London.

The main purpose was to consider how WANO should change to meet the growing demands of an expanding nuclear utility industry. New plants are being built, and the useful lives of existing plants are being extended. A new generation of reactor technology is being developed, and a new generation of nuclear workforce is assuming leadership positions.

'WANO must be ready to meet the challenges posed by the changing nuclear landscape,' said George Felgate, WANO Managing Director. 'For nuclear to fulfil its promise, safety must remain the overriding priority for new and existing nuclear units across the world.'

Laurent Stricker, WANO Chairman, told the meeting participants: 'WANO must keep pace with the many industry changes that are occurring. I am absolutely convinced that a strong WANO is vital to preserve the nuclear option for the future.'

'Bringing together small groups of utility CEOs is similar to the process used 20 years ago to create WANO,' explained George Felgate. 'The current round of meetings will lead to changes we plan to announce at WANO's Biennial General Meeting to be held in India in early 2010.'

For more information, contact George Felgate, Managing Director at the WANO Coordinating Centre in London. Telephone +44 (0) 20 7478 9200.