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​World Association of Nuclear Operators

Participation of the WANO Moscow- Regional Crisis Centre in the integrated emergency exercise



Crisis Centre established on the basis of the REA Crisis Centre participated in the regular international emergency exercise at the Kalinin NPP (Russia) on 18-19 September 2013.

The below-listed international and foreign organisations took part in the exercise within the framework of the RCC:

- WANO-MC Regional Crisis Centre for VVER NPPs

- Operators/Nuclear Power Plants (OO/NPPs) – RCC participants:

  • Finland (Fortum company, Loviisa NPP)

  • Ukraine (NNEGC Energoatom)

  • Slovakia (Slovenske elektrarne)

  • P.R. China (Jiangsu Nuclear Power Corporation)

  • Hungary (Paks NPP)

  • Bulgaria (Kozloduy NPP)

  • Armenia (Armenian NPP)

  • Czech Republic (JSC CEZ, Temelin NPP)

  • Iran (Bushehr NPP)

  • India (Kudankulam NPP)

The following companies were involved in the exercise on behalf of the Russian Federation:

- Rosenergoatom:

  • Kalinin NPP

  • NPP emergency assistance group (OPAS)

  • Dispatcher service duty shift

- TSC (VNIIAES, SPA Taifun, Emergency medical and radiation dosimetry centre of the Federal Medical and Biological Centre, IBRAE Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, OKB Gidropress, National Research Centre Kurchatov Institute, NIAEP, Atomenergoremont)

- Rosatom Crisis Centre

- Technical Support Group, JSC Konsist-OS

The purpose of the RCC exercise was to test and improve the information exchange among the RCC members in the response to a simulated severe accident. The RCC exercise was intended for resolving the following tasks:

-  Prompt notification of the simulated accident to the RCC members

-  Training of the interaction among the RCC members, Technical Support Centres, Rosatom Crisis Centre, and operators

During the exercise, the information was exchanged using various communication channels, i.e. fax, email, ftp-server, videoconferencing and phone.

Under the Procedure for RCC information exchange, the Kalinin NPP sent its messages about the simulated accident occurrence and development to the RCC according to the specified format. The RCC processed and disseminated the messages to the remaining participants to immediately notify them and get their feedback.

Alexander Shutikov, the Exercise Team Leader, Deputy Director General of Rosenergoatom – Director for NPP operation and production, thanked all the participants and expressed his confidence that the results of the exercise would be used in an efficient manner to improve the operation of the Regional Crisis Centre.

Author: Vasiliy Galkin

Source: WANO-MC