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​​​​​WANO YG at the BGM

WANO YG takes shape in Paris

WANO Paris Centre outlines plans for YG

WANO Paris Centre is establishing a programme of activites for the WANO Young Generation (YG). The activities will be implemented and merged with current and existing WANO programmes.

Members of WANO Paris Centre (WPC) will be encouraged to send their young staff members (potential future leaders) to work for 3-6 months in WPC, as part of the initiative. The goal is to introduce YG participants to WANO activities and understand the importance of global nuclear safety. This will also offer an excellent opportunity to work with peers from various cultures. 

During these months in WPC, the YG participant will attend at least one peer review as a reviewer, one technical support mission as an expert and a few seminars as a speaker and/or facilitator. In each of these activities the YG representative will contribute to the mission or activity under the supervision of an experienced WPC staff member.

There are plans for a maximum of two simultaneous YG representatives in WPC, and up to twelve people per year. 

​                                   PC YG.jpg

The WANO Paris Centre YG members: (from the left) Yuming Cui, Alejandro Estevez Beines, Igor Franko, Martin Lüken, Déborah Rozan, Francisco Salguero and Andrea Tolosa.

For further information on WPC YG activities, please contact: Tellervo Taipale​, QA and Communications Manager, WANO Paris Centre