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WANO opens pre-startup peer review office in Hong Kong



The World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO) has opened an office in Hong Kong, to house its pre-startup peer review team. The office, based in the Central District of Hong Kong Island, will be led by Jean-Marie Baggio, pre-startup peer review team leader, and staffed by experienced industry representatives from WANO's regional centres and London office.

The majority of new nuclear construction projects are taking place in Asia and the Hong Kong location allows WANO to provide support to members' projects both locally and globally.
The purpose of pre-startup peer reviews is to focus on the preparation and readiness of new plants to start safely and reliably. The team will be headed by Jean-Marie Baggio from the WANO London office peer review team.  Staff working in pre-startup peer review office will be secondees from all WANO regional centres.

Jean-Marie Baggio, pre-startup peer review team leader said: "This is an interesting time for WANO and the nuclear industry as a whole. Safety is our top priority and this will contribute immensely to safety of the plants. One of the recommendations from the Post-Fukushima Commission is that WANO must conduct a pre-startup peer review at each new nuclear power plant before initial criticality of the reactor. "

George Felgate, managing director of WANO said: "Assembling our team of expert reviewers in one location where there is a huge growth in nuclear build projects is beneficial both for WANO and our members. We will have a dedicated peer team that will be able to support scheduled reviews closely both in the region and across the world. We want to always be ready to support our members effectively. This step is WANO's focus in the on-going pursuit of excellence in nuclear safety."


For further information, contact:

• Claire Newell, WANO Communications Manager
 +44 (0) 20 7495 9242 /
 • George Felgate, WANO Managing Director
 +44 7796 144 311 / email:

About WANO:

• WANO is a non-profit member association established in 1989 by the world's nuclear power operators to exchange safety knowledge and operating experience amongst organisations operating commercial nuclear power reactors.
 • WANO members operate some 440 nuclear units in more than 30 countries around the world.
 • WANO works with members in pursuit of its mission: to maximise the safety and reliability of nuclear power plants worldwide by working together to assess, benchmark and improve performance through mutual support, exchange of information and emulation of best practices.
 • WANO was modelled on the American organisation, INPO, which was formed after the Three Mile Island accident. INPO is a member of WANO and beyond that, the organisations work together to share programme resources and learnings.
 • For more information on WANO, visit