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​​​‘All members accept their individual responsibility for the nuclear power plant they operate and accept their collective responsibility to assess, inform, help and emulate other nuclear operators’ (WANO Charter)

WANO Membership Obligations

  1. Chief Executives of Member organisations actively participate in the governance of WANO to ensure the success of WANO programmes and to improve the operational excellence of their own stations and support nuclear safety among all members.

  2. WANO governors are chief executives or senior executives responsible for the Member’s nuclear power programme.

  3. Each Member safeguards the information shared among Members and only releases information with the approval of the originating Member and in accordance with the WANO Confidentiality policy.

  4. Each Member pays required membership fees and provides high quality, experienced personnel to support WANO programmes and activities, and integrates these personnel back into the industry following WANO assignments.

  5. Each Member hosts and supports peer reviews of Member organisations, including peer reviews for operating stations, pre-startup peer reviews for new units and corporate peer reviews, at a frequency established by the WANO Governing Board.

  6. Each Member takes timely action to correct performance issues identified during WANO peer reviews and seeks support from WANO Centres and other Members to resolve significant issues.

  7. Members collect, analyse and share operating experience, and evaluate and implement WANO Significant Operating Experience Report recommendations.

  8. Each Member provides participants and experts for seminars, workshops, leadership courses and expert meetings to support improvements in operational safety and reliability.

  9. Members participate in Technical Support and Exchange activities, including Technical Support Missions, reporting of performance indicator data and using Guidelines and Good Practices to identify further improvements and support other Members.​