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Plant Status

  • Operational - A unit is defined as Operating as of the date of initial criticality.
  • Construction - A unit is defined as Construction as of the date of first pouring concrete for the foundation of the nuclear systems.
  • Planned - A unit is defined as Planned when a contract has been signed to construct the unit.
  • Permanent shutdown - A unit is defined as Permanent Shutdown when the operating company declares the unit will not be restarted and commences the decommissioning process.

Reactor type

  • PWR- Pressurised light water moderated and cooled reactor
  • BWR- Boiling light water cooled and moderated reactor
  • PHWR- Pressurised heavy water moderated and cooled reactor
  • FBR- Fast breeder reactor
  • LWGR- Light water cooled, graphite moderated reactor
  • ASPP- Atomic-steam power plant
  • GCR- Gas cooled, graphite moderated reactor
  • REP- Reprocessing facility
  • HTGR- High temperature gas reactor
  • Chalk River National Research Universal (NRU) reactor at the Chalk River Laboratories

Download the WANO World Map (2015 version)