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​​​​WANO offers its members a series of high-quality products and services through five main programmes

  1. Peer Reviews aim to help members compare their operational performance against standards of excellence through an in-depth, objective review of their operations by an independent team from outside their utility.

  2. Operating Experience enables members to learn from the experience of other plants and alerts them to events that have occurred so they can prevent similar events.

  3. Technical Support and Exchange consists of four distinct activities: guidelines and good practices; operator exchanges; performance indicators and technical support missions. Together, they help members learn from the experiences of their peers.

  4. Professional and Technical Development uses various settings to provide an information exchange forum for WANO members to enhance their professional knowledge and skills. Specific activities include workshops, conferences, seminars, expert meetings and training courses.

  5. Communications ensures WANO's mission and activities are shared with all internal and external audiences. This includes WANO members, the media, industry vendors, new entrants and nations considering adding nuclear to their energy mix.

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