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​​Communications: Telling the WANO story

Our communications team ensures WANO's mission and activities are shared with all internal and external audiences. This includes WANO members, the media, industry vendors, new entrants and nations considering adding nuclear to their energy mix.  

Guided by our Director in London and supported by Communication Specialists in Atlanta, London, Paris, Moscow and Tokyo, the communications team is often the first point of contact for those wanting to learn more about WANO and its role as the global leader in nuclear safety. 

Embracing WANO's belief that improvement is a journey without end, we continuously seek new and better ways to tell the WANO story using a variety of channels. These include:

Public website - 

WANO's public website​ is our most visible window to the world. Peering through these pages allows you to look inside WANO to learn more about who we are and what we do. Redesigned in 2014 to mark WANO's 25th year, the new website contains video messages, infographics and detailed information about our programmes, organisational structure, history and leadership. 

Member website -  

WANO maintains a secure, log-in restricted, Member Website for our members to find operating experience information and exchange ideas to improve nuclear safety and reliability. The website is a vast library of WANO products, including Significant Operating Experience Reports, Hot Topics, Performance Indicators, Guidelines and Good Practices. Through this site, members can also view upcoming workshops and seminars and download reports from previous events.

Social media

​WANO employs a number of social media channels to provide concise, immediate and frequent updates . Find us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn or learn more about WANO on YouTube or through our Flickr photostream.


Established in 1993, Inside WANO features the latest news in nuclear safety including articles from WANO member organisations and utilities; stories from individuals within the industry; and information about the work of WANO's regional centres. The 2014 launch of our Inside WANO website and e-newsletter allows people at all levels within the industry to subscribe -- from the CEOs of WANO members to students looking toward a future in nuclear energy. Our e-newsletter is delivered quarterly featuring the latest articles, while the website will provide a platform to hold all current and past content, making it easily and readily available to all.

Each year, we publish a Highlights Report that provides a snapshot of WANO's performance and, by extension, our industry's performance. Posted on WANO's public website, the report gives a high level view of member participation in nuclear safety programmes and provides a detailed list of the number of peer reviews conducted, operating experience reports submitted by members, technical support missions completed and workshops, seminars and training sessions held over the previous year.

WANO Review provides readers with a deeper look at our programmes, organisational structure and details any changes to our membership year-over-year. The WANO Review is printed for distribution to members at significant WANO events, such as our Bienniel General Meetings or Site Vice Presidents and Plant Managers Conferences, and posted on our public website. 

Our Performance Indicators document, also posted on WANO's public website​​, helps readers compare current performance to trends occurring since 1990. To help improve worldwide nuclear safety performance, WANO also provides performance targets for selected indicators such as forced loss rate, collective radiation exposure, the industrial safety accident rate and safety system performance.