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Telling the WANO story


Our communications team ensures WANO's mission and activities are shared with all internal and external audiences. This includes WANO members, industry vendors, new entrants, nations considering adding nuclear to their energy mix, other interested parties and the media.

Guided by our Director in London and supported by Communication Specialists in Atlanta, London, Paris, Moscow and Tokyo, the communications team is often the first point of contact for those wanting to learn more about WANO and its role as the global leader in nuclear safety. 

Embracing WANO's belief that improvement is a journey without end, we continuously seek new and better ways to tell the WANO story using a variety of channels. These include: Hand iPad.png

Public website - 

WANO's public website​ is our most visible window to the world. Peering through these pages allows you to look inside WANO to learn more about who we are and what we do.

Member website -  

WANO maintains a secure, log-in restricted, Member Website for our members to find operating experience information and exchange ideas to improve nuclear safety and reliability.

Social media

​Find us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn or learn more about WANO on YouTube or through our Flickr photostream.


Established in 1993, Inside WANO features the latest news in nuclear safety including articles from WANO member organisations and utilities; stories from individuals within the industry; and information about the work of WANO's regional centres.

Each year, we publish a Year-End Highlights Report that provides a snapshot of WANO's performance and, by extension, our industry's performance.

WANO Review provides readers with a deeper look at our programmes, organisational structure and details any changes to our membership year-over-year.

Our Performance Indicators document, also posted on WANO's public website​​, helps readers compare current performance to trends occurring since 1990.

Events & Conferences

Every two years, WANO members meet at the Biennial General Meeting to elect a new President, to receive an update on WANO activities and progress, to listen to and share information with delegates from across the worldwide nuclear industry and to renew their commitment to nuclear safety. WANO’s flagship event typically involves around 500 delegates from around the globe, many of these at senior executive level. It is an invaluable opportunity for members to come together and renew their focus and commitment to nuclear safety alongside their industry peers.

On alternate years to the BGM, WANO conducts a Site Vice President and Plant Managers’ Conference to enable delegates to engage with other members on important industry issues.