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​​​​​​​​​​​Operating Experience: Preventing events by learning from others

​​​​The Performance Analysis programme informs members about incidents at other plants so they can take corrective actions to prevent similar occurrences at their own plant.

Its success stems from the willingness of WANO members to openly share their operating experience for the benefit of other operators throughout the world.

An event is defined as any significant deviation from the normal expected functioning of a plant. When an event occurs, the affected plant management and staff analyse it and complete a WANO Event Report (WER), which is then sent to their WANO regional centre and posted on the members’ website. Recognition of the importance of this activity is growing and, as a result, the total number of events reported by WANO members continues to increase.

WANO goes a step further than merely collecting data. The Performance Analysis programme offers a unique service by analysing events from across the world. The results are communicated to members and WANO upper management​ in several types of reports.

Significant Operating Experience Reports ​​(SOERs)

SOERs identify the principal contributors to significant events or trends in types of events and provide recommendations that members are expected to implement to prevent similar events at their plants. WANO peer review teams evaluate the effectiveness of stations’ actions to implement these recommendations.

Significant Event Reports (SERs)

SERs are advisory documents containing in-depth analyses of significant events in order to identify the lessons learned for the benefit of other stations. Member stations are expected to review the lessons learned and take action, as applicable, to reduce the likelihood of similar incidents. Training presentations are developed to help members communicate the content of SOERs and SERs to their plant staff. Reports are available in several languages on the members’ website. 

Just-in-Time Reports

These are specially formatted briefing sheets for use in pre-job briefings to prepare personnel for specific tasks. The reports highlight relevant industry operating experience, key lessons learned and questions to encourage a detailed discussion of the planned task to ensure thorough work preparation.

Hot Topics

Hot Topic reports provide summaries and highlights of adverse performance trends or specific events. These concise reports provide tools such as assessment guides for members’ use.

CEO Updates

CEO Updates describe important events and trends that utility CEOs are encouraged to discuss with their nuclear executives and oversight organisation.​