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Helping members to develop their skills and increase their knowledge


The Training & Development programme provides a forum for WANO members to enhance their professional knowledge and skills. Specific activities include workshops, seminars, training courses and leadership courses.

These activities are designed to help provide station personnel with the knowledge, skills and standards needed to support the highest levels of nuclear safety and excellence in operational performance. They enable members from all regions to compare their operations and emulate best practices. Importantly, they also provide the ideal opportunity to establish relationships with colleagues from around the world.

Each activity focuses on improving plant performance in areas such as operations, maintenance and engineering. Specific topics are chosen on the basis of members’ requests, specific gaps or needs identified by WANO staff and/or industry trends.

Participation in Training & Development activities enables members’ personnel to increase their professional skills and to exchange state-of-the-art information. One goal of these activities is to not only aid the members in fully understanding particular problems and issues, but to help identify workable solutions whenever possible.

Recent topics addressed by the programme include task observation and managers in the field, human performance, organisational effectiveness, operating experience, equipment reliability and work management.

Workshops & Seminars

Workshops are interactive. Their purpose is to exchange information and experience, and participants are invited to share their own experience with other members. Seminars are intended to distribute information to WANO members.

Although each activity is conducted by one of the regional centres, these activities are open to all WANO members regardless of which region they are affiliated with.

Training Courses

Training course are typically organised for WANO members to improve knowledge or skills in specific areas.

Leadership Courses

Leadership courses are intended to help existing and future leaders be successful in key positions at their stations.