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​​​​​​​Technical Support & Exchange: WANO’s support does not end once a peer review team leaves a site

This programme consists of four distinct activities;

Technical Support Missions (TSMs)

These missions are carried out at the request of a plant or utility and provide a means for WANO members to assist each other in ad​dressing identified issues or problems. A team of peers is selected on the basis of their expertise in the applicable area. The team reviews issues identified during peer reviews or other problems and helps to identify potential solutions.

Recent missions have covered areas as diverse as stream analysis, work management, human performance, equipment reliability, radiation protection, operations, outage management and organisational effectiveness.

Performance Indicators

The WANO performance indicators provide a method for members to assess the performance of their plants against an international benchmark. Worldwide reference targets have been established to promote long term improvement.

The indicators measure: unit capability factor; unplanned capability loss factor; forced loss rate; collective radiation exposure; unplanned scrams per 7,000 hours critical; safety system performance; fuel reliability; chemistry performance; grid-related loss factor, industrial safety accident rate and contractor industrial safety accident rate.

Principles, Guidelines and Good Practices

WANO principles and guidelines have been developed to help members achieve excellent performance in specific functional areas and also in important cross functional areas. They can be used to review existing programmes; to develop new programmes and corrective actions to tackle identified weaknesses and to monitor the adequacy of corporate policies and plant practices.

There are now almost thirty WANO principles and guidelines and over one hundred good practices available on the WANO members’ website. WANO good practices provide methods and ideas for improving plant performance and safety based on practices that have proven effective at other member stations. Presentation training supplements are also provided in parallel with WANO guidelines.

Operator Exchanges

Operator Exchanges refers to any information exchanged directly between operators with the purpose of increasing the safety and reliability of nuclear power plants.

These include operator exchange visits, communication through the WANO website, exchange of documentation, personnel and any other exchange and/or co-operation between operating organisations.