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Moscow Centre

Moscow skyline

Vasily Aksenov, Director, WANO Moscow Centre

Vasily Aksenov, WANO Moscow Centre Director
Mr. Aksenov was named Director of the Moscow Centre in February 2015. After graduating from the Moscow Power Engineering Institute in 1981, Mr. Aksenov joine​d the Kalinin NPP branch of Concern Rosenergoatom in 1996, where he was a Chief Engineer until 2005. He then went on to become the Deputy Director General of Concern Rosenergoatom at Kalinin NPP until 2007.​
In 2007, he graduated from Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnic University, majoring in Organisation Management. In the same year, he ​became the Deputy of Technical Director on new power units of Federal State Unitary Enterprise for Concern Rosenergoatom NPPs.
In 2008 until early 2015, he was the First Deputy of the General Director – Chief Engineer of JSC Atomenergoremont of Rosatom State Corporation. ​He has also been a Candidate of Technical Sciences since 1999.

Moscow Centre Address and Contact

Ferganskaya 25WANO Moscow Centre
Moscow, 109507

​+7 495 376 1587​

News article on WANO Moscow Centre 

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