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The first issue of Inside WANO was published in November 1993






History of Inside WANO

"There are still too many people who need to know about WANO but who do not know enough to benefit or to contribute effectively. That is why the WANO Governing Board decided to launch this new WANO-wide newsletter. Inside WANO aims to strengthen communication amongst power plant operators by informing them about current WANO activities and their results… I hope that utilities will circulate copies of Inside WANO to all staff having responsibility for operational safety and reliability."

 – Remy Carle, WANO Chairman 1993-1997

The above quote is taken from the very first issue of Inside WANO, published in November 1993, written in the introduction from Remy Carle who was the WANO Chairman at that time.

Inside WANO has been a powerful tool over the last two decades, bringing relevant and interesting information from within the industry, sharing best and next practice and news from WANO itself, and keeping nuclear safety at the forefront of the minds of our readers.

Moving Inside WANO online in 2014, with a brand new website and e-newsletter, was a significant milestone in WANO's history. Our goal is to reach people at all levels, in every corner of every nuclear organisation and utility; and in a world where technology is prominent, this was an exciting and positive step towards reaching our goal.

Editorial Board
Luke Willoughby – WANO London
Peter Prozesky – Chief Executive Officer
Russ Brian – Atlanta Centre Director
Vasily Aksenov – Moscow Centre Director
Ingemar Engkvist – Paris Centre Director
Naoki Chigusa – Tokyo Centre Director