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Key initiatives for 2020

Implementation of the new Performance Objectives & Criteria (PO&Cs)
WANO recently published its new revised PO&Cs document, as the gold standard for nuclear safety operations. It has been developed by the global nuclear industry, for use with all technologies and in all cultural contexts.

WANO Regional Centres will start to use the improved PO&Cs in peer reviews in a phased manner across programmes from January 2020 onwards, with them being fully incorporated and used in all WANO’s operations globally by 1 July 2020. WANO members should also regularly use the document to improve operational performance within their plants and facilities. 


Global CNO Forum
The next Global CNO Forum will be held in Manchester, United Kingdom from 18-20 May 2020. This two day meeting will consist of a series of networking events and interactive discussions followed by a one day tour to Sellafield Ltd. It provides a framework for WANO members’ highest technical executives to exchange information and share experiences, discuss and review the industry trends, identify negative tendencies, proposing actions to turn them back, thereby promoting safe and reliable nuclear plant operations worldwide.
Site Vice Presidents (SVP) and Plant Managers (PM) Conference 2020
The next conference will take place in Kyoto, Japan from 28-30 September 2020. This conference will provide the opportunity for site vice presidents and plant managers from around the world to focus on operator fundamentals, leadership behaviours and practices necessary to enable the plants to operate safely and reliably.

More details of these events will be provided to members and published on the member website in early 2020.