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Making Progress

Peter Prozesky, WANO CEOI am now over six months into my time as WANO CEO, and I have had the chance to meet many of our staff and members while visiting WANO's Regional Centres and member plants around the world. When meeting our members, I get a real sense of the progress that WANO is making in delivering nuclear safety excellence; and more importantly, the areas in which we can still improve.

One area we have been focusing on recently is our digital services for members. Many of you will have already had the opportunity to visit our new WANO member website, at We launched this at the beginning of May as a beta site; while some pages are still being developed, we are happy that it's at a standard where it is already proving to be a real benefit to WANO members.

The old site will continue to run in parallel until we are confident that the new site contains all the information you need to access as a WANO member. I really believe that this is a huge step forward in terms of WANO's offering to our members – it truly is a cutting-edge bespoke website that will be useful for many years to come. Many of our members plan to upgrade their IT infrastructure over the next decade, and the new WANO member website is prepared for this; it will work across mobiles and tablets, ensuring you can get the latest information from WANO when you need it most. If you haven't already had a look at the website, you can see more information about the site in the 'Did you know?' section of this edition of Inside WANO.

Elsewhere in this edition you can read more on WANO's support of and involvement in EDF and EDF Energy's Nuclear Safety Symposium in London; I participated in one of the panel sessions, and WANO Chairman, Jacques Régaldo, provided the closing remarks at the event. Almost 80 WANO members and other organisations from the nuclear industry came together to collaborate and discuss a range of nuclear safety topics, demonstrating our industry's ongoing commitment to continuously strive for safety excellence.

Lastly, many of our members have already registered to attend September's Site Vice Presidents' and Plant Managers' conference in Budapest, Hungary. I'm looking forward to meeting many of you at the conference – if you are at the event, please do come and introduce yourself. WANO is made up of over 120 members from across the globe; by continuing to communicate, build relationships and work closely with one another, we can continue to deliver excellence in nuclear safety.