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Remaining accountable to each other

Why the Member Engagement Survey is so important to us.

When I joined WANO as Chairman, I wanted to preserve WANO’s proud legacy as an organisation dedicated to knowledge sharing, cooperation and continuous improvement.

We are at heart a learning organisation. By that I mean we should always be learning. We must never be complacent in what we do.

These are the very foundations on which WANO was built.

That’s why it was so critical for us to look beyond self-assessment, to see what you, our most important stakeholders, think about the work that we do.  

We are a voluntary organisation, built on a commitment shared with our members to uphold the highest global standards of nuclear safety.

We are all accountable to one another when it comes to nuclear safety, and it’s only by listening to each other that we can ensure we make the changes and improvements we need to become stronger and ultimately better. That’s why I thought it was so important to reach out to our membership for this survey, just as we have done previously after the event at Fukushima.  

After all, you know better than anyone what you need from us – you know how we can serve you better. And only you know the best way to improve our products and services. As the recipient of these services, it’s you who is the most important person in this relationship. 

In closing, I’d like to thank all of our members and stakeholders who agreed to participate in this survey – and I’d like to assure you that we listened, and we’ll continue to listen. Our ears and our eyes must always be open to the things we could be doing better.

Jacques Regaldo