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The benefits of the Industry Working Groups for members

Welcome to the latest edition of Inside WANO.  

In this edition, we explain how the Industry Working Groups (IWGs) are helping our members improve safety and reliability at their organisations and plants.

The IWGs are made up of representatives from WANO’s membership, who meet to discuss key issues of shared concern for the nuclear industry, and produce solutions for them. Working together to develop new solutions to these challenges, the ultimate goal is to enhance the safety and performance of nuclear power plants worldwide.

Although WANO helps the industry establish and manage the IWGs, they are very much run by our members, for our members. WANO supports as a facilitator to enable the exchange of information and the delivery of results-driven outputs from each working group. 

This issue features a number of testimonials that demonstrate the practical benefits of member participation in the IWGs and their application of the solutions identified to build better performance.

There is also an article explaining the work WANO is doing with its members to address the challenges posed by ageing management and operator fundamentals. 

All our members are welcome to join and participate in these working groups. There are currently groups for the following issues; Independent Nuclear Safety Oversight, Equipment Reliability, Performance Indicator, New Unit Assistance, Human Performance and Transition to Decommissioning. The Global CNO Forum recently approved the initiation of two new groups; Foreign Material Exclusion, and Fire Protection & Safety.

For more information on these working groups, please contact Milly Stone on

I hope you enjoy this issue of Inside WANO.

Ingemar Engkvist