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Helping Fuqing achieve safe and reliable start up of its New Units

Background to the new units at Fuqing
Six 1000MW PWR units are being constructed and operated by Fujian Fuqing Nuclear Power Company Limited, and the China National Nuclear Power Company Limited (CNNP) is the main stakeholder with a 51% share. The Fuqing site is located 71 kilometers away from Fuzhou, the capital city of Fujian Province. The geological condition of the Fuqing site is stable and it has a pleasant local climate.

The construction of Fuqing Units 1 to 4 was completed when Unit 4 started commercial operation in 2017. Fuqing Units 5 and 6 are currently under construction using the Hualong Power Reactor 1000 (HPR1000). Many of new advanced technologies are incorporated into the HPR1000 design, such as active and passive safety systems, a double-shell containment, a 18-months refueling cycle, the 60-years lifespan, and the less than 1 per million of Core Damage Frequency (CDF).

Once completed, the 6 units of Fuqing site will be able to provide more than 50 billion kWh of electricity per year. The annual gross output value will reach more than 20 billion CNY. Fuqing NPPs will provide significant value to local business and the population of 1,360,000. It will help to create more than 30,000 local jobs in addition to its own 2,100 staff. The local coal power generation and carbon emissions will be greatly reduced, helping to improve the environment.

The key milestones achieved with the project so far
The construction of Fuqing Unit 5 started in 2015. The hot functional test was completed at the beginning of 2020, the first core loading will take place around mid-2020, and commercial operation will start before the end of this year.

The construction of Fuqing Unit 6 also started in 2015. Its commercial operation is expected in 2021. 

How WANO is supporting the new unit in achieving a safe and reliable start up
FQNPC has received considerable support from WANO. The Member Support Mission, PSUR and PR, New Unit Assistance (NUA) programme, professional technology improvement workshops and seminars provided by WANO Tokyo Centre is helping Fuqing to achieve a safe and reliable startup. Recently, the theme of ‘Shift Supervisor Leadership Enhancement’ MSM activity on Fuqing, provided a timely and effective support to improve the leadership of the plant’s Shift Supervisors.

What are the key benefits of Fuqing’s collaboration with WANO on the new unit
The most important benefit of a new unit becoming a WANO member is that WANO provides a platform for international peers to communicate with each other. Through continuous learning among peers, the operating performance of the entire industry is improved. In the preparation process before the commercial operation of HPR1000, Fuqing NPP carried out various types of WANO activities, such as a MSM and PSUR. In the process of carrying out WANO activities, Fuqing NPP benefited from the experience of international counterparts and received valuable feedback regarding the HPR1000.

What are the plans for WANO’s continued support for the new unit
Fuqing Unit 5 is planned start commercial operation in 2020 while Unit 6 is scheduled to be online in 2021. WANO will continuously provide support on new unit start-up preparation, and operation and maintenance personnel’s professional skills to ensure safe operation.

Senior Manager of CNNP (WANO WIO)