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KHNP Fully Engaged with WANO Programmes Ahead of 2017 BGM

By Jang Jungkeun, WANO Interface Officer (WIO), KHNP

Sunrise Ceremony

Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Company (KHNP) owns all 24 units in operation in Korea, and plans to construct an additional 10 units by the year 2030. Through these efforts, KHNP has continued to prioritise the safety of its nuclear power plants while achieving a high WANO Performance Index, as well as actively participating in various WANO programmes.

Following the Corporate Peer Review (CPR) held at KHNP in November 2013, a number of Areas for Improvement (AFIs) were identified and an action plan for resolving the problems have been implemented over the past two years. In December 2015, a follow-up review confirmed that most of the AFIs had been resolved with satisfactory results.

Among some of KHNP's achievements, one of the most noteworthy is the introduction and adaptation of an integrated management model at KHNP's corporate headquarters and its nuclear power sites. This model, while placing overriding priority on the safe operation of nuclear power plants, has standardised the major processes in the areas of quality, safety, management, operation, engineering, and has clarified the roles and responsibilities of sub-organisations. The WANO Technical Support Missions conducted in November 2015 have helped to benchmark KHNP's integrated management model to international practices as well as the quality of procedures.

KHNP has taken a significant step in increasing regional public acceptance at nuclear power sites through the construction of its new corporate head office in Gyeongju city, in which Korea's low and intermediate level radioactive waste disposal facility is located, and where Wolsong Units 1, 2, 3, 4 and Shin-Wolsong Units 1 and 2 are currently in commercial operation.

As the capital of the Silla Dynasty for approximately 1,000 years from 57BC, the entire city of Gyeongju has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site with its rich history and exquisite cultural treasures. The relocation of KHNP's headquarters in March of this year is expected to commence a new era for Gyeongju as the home of nuclear power generation in Korea.

As the host of WANO's Governing Board Meeting in September 2016, as well as the next Biennial General Meeting (BGM) in October 2017, Gyeongju will be established as a meaningful location for WANO. In addition to preparing these significant events, KHNP is commited to active participation in new WANO programmes such as the Emergency Support Plan (ESP) and New Unit Assistance (NUA).