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Send your nominations for the Nuclear Excellence Awards

Do you know an individual who has made extraordinary contributions to excellence in the operation of nuclear power plants? Is there a nuclear professional who stands out to you due to their exceptional performance?
Then perhaps you might consider nominating them for a WANO Nuclear Excellence Award.

The deadline for submission of nominations is 26 April 2019. Download the nomination form HERE

What are the Nuclear Excellence Awards?
The WANO Governing Board established the WANO Nuclear Excellence Awards on 2 July 2002 in honour of Dr Zack T. Pate and in recognition of his leadership in promoting excellence in the worldwide nuclear industry. The intent is that individuals at any level within a WANO member organisation are eligible for the award.

Any individual whose work contributes to or supports the successful operation of nuclear power plants operated by any WANO member(s) is eligible for the award. This could include contributions to any part of the infrastructure that supports the nuclear power enterprise. It could also include contributions through WANO.

Exceptions include the following:
• Past and current WANO chairmen and presidents are not eligible.
• Current WANO Governing Board members are not eligible, but they are eligible after leaving the governing board.
• WANO directors are not eligible until two years after leaving the director position, after which they are eligible for consideration based on their ongoing contribution to the successful operation of nuclear power plants operated by WANO members.
NOTE: Past and current Regional Governing Board members ARE eligible, but regional governors who presently sit on the WANO Governing Board are NOT.
Nomination of Candidates
• Completing a confidential nomination form and mailing it to the WANO company secretary at the WANO London Office will start the nomination process. Any individual may nominate a candidate providing the candidate is not a relative.
• At least three (but no more than four) confidential reference forms (found in the nomination form) completed by individuals other than the nominating individual must be submitted by email or post for each nominated candidate. The nominating individual will be responsible for arranging for the submittal of the reference forms to the WANO company secretary. Individuals with varying backgrounds and positions should be asked to provide references so that the award selection committee will have supporting information on the candidate from a broad cross-section of sources.
• The WANO company secretary will receive all nomination and reference information, screen the information for completeness, make confidential enquiries to confirm the authenticity of all submitted information and provide individual nominee packages to the award selection committee for all properly nominated candidates. All information provided, including the names of nominees, will be treated in the strictest confidence.
• The company secretary will keep the regional centre directors apprised of the number of nominations received for individuals from their region in order to facilitate generating a representative number of nominations in each region.

Presentation of the Award
• The WANO chairman and/or the WANO president and/or someone designated by the WANO chairman will present the award(s) at the next WANO BGM, which will be held in London, UK in October 2019.
• The actual award will be accompanied by a resolution approved by the WANO Governing Board providing a summary of the contributions made by the recipient in support of excellence in the operation of nuclear power plants

Download the nomination form HERE