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WANO announces CHEN Hua as the new Shanghai Office Director

WANO has appointed CHEN Hua as the new Shanghai Office Director from November 2022. 
Hua succeeds Joel Bohlmann, who has successfully completed his three-year term in the same role.
Before joining the SHO, Hua served as a WANO Governor in Tokyo Centre’s Regional Governing Board and the WANO Governing Board. With his four decades worth of experiences in the nuclear industry, Hua was awarded with a WANO Nuclear Excellence Award in 2011 for his outstanding contributions to the excellence of the safe operation of nuclear power plants and facilities globally.
As the new SHO Director, Hua will focus on transitioning SHO from a supporting role to a regional centre and achieving the 2030 goals set for the industry initiative, Action for Excellence. Hua joined SHO on 1 September and will be working closely with Joel on a handover before he leaves the office later in the year.
Ingemar Engkvist, Chief Executive Officer, said: “Welcome CHEN Hua to WANO! I look forward to working with him and our SHO team to continue supporting our members and the industry. I would also like to say a heartfelt thank you to Joel for his hard work and dedication to WANO and the Shanghai Office, wishing him all the very best in his future endeavour!”