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WANO forms new strategic partnership with human resource leaders to drive nuclear industry performance

WANO is forming a new strategic partnership with HR leaders at its members worldwide to build a sustainable pool of top talent to help drive industry performance over the coming decade.

The closer collaboration with HR leaders worldwide is at the heart of WANO’s new resourcing strategy, which will identify and recruit new secondees for WANO to help the industry’s long term improvement initiative, Action for Excellence – Shaping the Nuclear Future.  

WANO’s members - the owners and operators of nuclear power plants globally – provide WANO with highly skilled staff to work for WANO for typically between two to three years under its secondments programme. The major benefit of the programme is that secondees acquire new skills and international experience at WANO to enhance performance at member plants worldwide, and at their own organisations once their secondments are completed.

In launching its new resourcing strategy, WANO recently hosted its inaugural virtual Global Nuclear Industry Human Resources Symposium for HR leaders from its membership. Approximately 200 nuclear professionals from members in over 30 countries worldwide attended this virtual live event.

The event featured speakers from around the world, representing members from all regional centres and offices. They shared first-hand experience of the benefits of WANO secondments for member organisations and their staff. Delegates also learnt about the industry-driven Action for Excellence initiative, and how it will advance nuclear safety at plants worldwide.

In the coming months, WANO will host special workshops for HR leaders in each of its regional centres – Moscow, Paris, and Tokyo.  The aim of the workshops is to enable regional centres to develop deeper communication and collaboration between members, understand resourcing challenges, identify area for mutual development and improvement. The workshops will help build a network of HR leaders for the global nuclear industry to develop talent in the industry, which will drive performance at plants worldwide and shape a positive future for the global industry.

Ingemar Engkvist, Chief Executive Officer, WANO commented: “We want to build a stronger, more strategic partnership with HR leaders from members worldwide. By strengthening its relationship with HR leaders at member organisations, the industry will be in a good position to deliver new secondees to WANO to help the industry improve performance under Action for Excellence. We look forward to working closely with our members to enable secondees to gain international experience and skills to maximise performance at their plants, and the entire industry.”