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WANO grants INPO equivalency for corporate peer reviews

The WANO Governing Board, which met in Buenos Aires, Argentina this week, deemed INPO to have met and in some cases, exceeded the standards required for its reviews to be considered equivalent to those carried out by WANO.

The two organisations have been working together since 2015 to ensure INPO’s processes for carrying out corporate reviews align with the principles outlined in WANO Policy Document 8: Equivalency, and the WANO Programme Guideline WPG07 – WANO Corporate Peer Reviews. Following a series of observations of reviews carried out by INPO during 2015 and 2016, it was deemed that there was sufficient alignment between the two organisations for WANO to grant equivalency and to allow equivalency of INPO reports to be backdated to 2012.

WANO embarked upon the assessment of other organisations’ reviews as equivalent to its own following the recommendations of the WANO Post-Fukushima Commission of 2011. The Commission recommended the frequency of peer reviews to be increased, from six years to four years, and with a follow-up review at the two-year point. It also required WANO to carry out a corporate peer review of all its member companies within six years, by the end of 2017.

WANO Chief Executive Officer, Peter Prozesky, said: “It is great news that WANO’s members, via the Governing Board, have approved INPO equivalency for corporate peer reviews. I very much hope that we can continue to cooperate with INPO and other organisations within the industry, to enable us as a community to enhance safety while avoiding duplication of our activities.”