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WANO marks its 35th anniversary

Watch the video from our CEO via YouTube HERE.

On 15 May 2024, WANO marks its 35-year anniversary. In May 1989, the leaders of every commercial nuclear reactor in the world set aside their competitive and regional differences and came together to create WANO. The Association’s mission - to maximise the safety and reliability of nuclear power plants worldwide – is as relevant today as it was 35 years ago. WANO has evolved significantly since and now represents more than 125 members who operate around 460 civil nuclear power reactors around the world. 

WANO looks back on 35 years of collaboration, mutual support and a collective strive for excellence with pride, but also with a strong sense of continued personal and collective responsibility from its members and staff. The journey towards excellence in nuclear safety and reliability is continuous, and WANO’s focus today remains as unswerving as it was at the historical inaugural meeting in Moscow in 1989.  

Dr Naoki Chigusa, WANO Chief Executive Officer, commented: “The need for cross-regional collaboration and dedication for the advancement of nuclear safety has been the foundation for our success. This is what ties the industry together as a global community of nuclear operators, independent of political and cultural boundaries since 1989. I am very proud to say that, after 35 years, despite the current geo-political situation, we can continue to support nuclear power plants wherever they are located in the world.” 

He continues: “This anniversary is also an occasion for us to celebrate the collaborative achievement as a mature industry – supporting each other and new members. With the nuclear industry evolving and new technologies being introduced, WANO has expanded its support to members by providing comprehensive assistance throughout the entire lifecycle of a plant’s operation. Supporting members with emerging technologies, industry newcomers and new units, is a key focus for us moving forwards. We will continue to collaborate with members to shape the future of the global industry; as a safe, reliable generator of low carbon electricity for decades to come."