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Crew performance observation training at Novovoronezh

Vasiliy Galkin- WANO Moscow

It was the first CPO training to be conducted in the WANO Moscow Region. The need for this training results from the fact that, starting from 2013, crew performance observations, conducted in the full-scope simulator by a dedicated team ofexperts using a special methodology, have become a mandatory part of WANO pre-startup peer reviews.

The Novovoronezh nuclear power station was very gracious in providing its full-scope simulator, instructors and two main control room crews for the WANO trainees to practice the conduct of observations.

On the first day of the course the WANO representatives outlined the training objectives and agenda for the host station's staff and management. Then Patrick Musser, instructor from WANO Atlanta Center, and Kurt Poling, a CPO team leader from WANO Hong Kong, delivered a classroom training course for the WANO trainees.

Over the following two days the station staff implemented five scenarios. Each scenario was tailored to include normal, abnormal and emergency operations. During the scenarios, the five trainees were observing the operating crew's and instructors' actions and behaviors, their communications and simulator response. This was followed by classroom exercises when the WANO trainees discussed their notes and wrote down their findings as "facts", which is very similar to WANO peer reviews. Facts were identified weaknesses, primarily in the crew's performance, according to a number of criteria. In addition, facts also included weaknesses in the simulation realism which could be affected by various factors: simulator fidelity and condition, simulator instructors' behaviors, the use and availability of procedures, the use of communication devices, time for simulated field operators' response, etc.

After having observed all the five scenarios, the trainees performed an exercise: they reviewed all the collected facts and identified areas for improvement. As a very useful addition to the training course, the management of the under-construction Novovoronezh-2 nuclear power station offered a presentation about the VVER-1200 design features and the progress in the construction of the new two units. Then an operating crew demonstrated a training scenario which was followed by a visit to the Novovoronezh-2 construction site. Besides, Jean-Marie Baggio, Head of the WANO Pre-Startup Peer Review Office in Hong Kong, delivered a detailed description of the pre-startup peer review process to the new station's staff. This is especially relevant for Novovoronezh-2 because WANO-MC plans to conduct a pre-startup peer review of Novovoronezh-2 Unit 1 by the end of 2014. WANO Moscow Center expresses its sincere gratitude and appreciation to the management, operating and training staff of Novovoronezh and Novovoronezh-2 stations, as well as to the staff of the Novovoronezh International Cooperation department, for the opportunity to conduct the WANO CPO training.