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Ohi Units 3 and 4 to restart in July 2012


On 16 June 2012, Kansai Electric Power Co., which operates the Ohi Nuclear Power Plant (NPP), received approval from the Japanese government to restart units 3 and 4 at the station this July. The units (both pressurised water reactors with a rated electricity output of 1,180,000kW and thermal output of 3,423,000kW) are currently shut down for regular inspections and are the first to receive approval to restart following the accidents at Fukushima Daiichi NPP last year.

The restart process of unit 3 started at 9:00pm on 1 July, and the plant reached criticality at 6:00am on 2 July. The plant may start generation on 4 July at the earliest. The restart of unit 4 will follow on 17 July with the intention of starting generation on 20 July.

WANO is ready to support Kansai Electric Power in its efforts to ensure the safe restart of both units and has offered expertise and assistance to all Japanese utilities during this challenging period.