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WANO Moscow Centre's Young Generation Movement

WANO Moscow Centre rolls out Young Generation Movement pilot projects

​​It has been a successful start to the year for WANO Moscow Centre’s Young Generation Movement (YGM) pilot projects as it received positive recognition for its works to date.  

The goals of the initiative aim to familiarise the young generation with WANO’s activities, support their current tasks and plans, and enhance their qualifications and skills through knowledge transfer and operating experience exchange. Currently five plants are participating: Novovoronezh NPP, Kursk NPP, Khmelnytska NPP (KhNPP), Rivne NPP (RNPP), and MVM Paks Nuclear Power Plant.  

At RNPP, the project is being overseen by WANO Moscow Centre Site Representative Dmitry Galkin. 

In January this year, further plans were discussed with coordinators to develop the YGM from other plants and the WANO Moscow Centre working group. 

Earlier this month, young engineers from RNPP visited colleagues at Neteshin (KhNPP), who have integrated a significant number of young members into their team.

“This meeting gave us an opportunity to meet young local engineers and have a discussion with WANO Moscow Centre KhNPP Site Representative Valentin Kostenko. This helped us to grasp an understanding of implementing the tasks set for us and establishing contacts,” said Maxim Kudinov, one of WANO YGM members at RNPP.

Preparations are underway for the next scheduled meeting in May. 

YG from Rivne at Khmelnitsky NPP v22.png